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During the summer months, Young Marines have the opportunity to attend the Young Marines National Summer Programs of: Adventures, Challenges, Encampments, and Schools (SPACES). Schools consist of leadership courses. Adventures, have a historical emphasis and are designed with the younger child in mind. In contrast, older Young Marines can participate in Challenges. Challenges consist of training in areas such as survival skills, wilderness training, and water-based activities. Young Marine Encampments provide the opportunity for Young Marines of all ages to gather together and train as a large unit of up to 700 youth at a time. Over 3,000 Young Marines participate in the SPACES programs each year.


Drug Demand Reduction

One of the pillars of the Young Marine program is to lead positive, drug free lifestyles...and to educate and encourage others to do the same.  Young Marines units are mandated to teach the Project Alert curriculum, standardized all across the nation.  The Project Alert curriculum focuses on the Gateway Drugs, but also stays current with drugs that affect our youth.  It also gives senior Young Marines the opportunity to become certified instructors and teach their younger Young Marines and peers.

In addition to Project Alert, Young Marines participate year round in community projects and events that focus on reducing and eliminating drug abuse by our youth.  We encourage our adults and parents to stay educated on the drugs that affect our youth and to participate in and support our drug free message.


Young Marines Summer Programs of Adventures, Challenges and Encampments (SPACES) refers to our summer programs available to qualifying Young Marines. Junior, Senior and Advanced Leadership Schools at the National Leadership Academy, the Great Amercian History Adventure, Space Camp, Space Academy, Aviation Mach II and Mach III Challenges, National Outdoor Leadeship School, SCUBA and Master SCUBA Diver Schools and the National Encampment are activities that expand and enrich the Young Marines experience. Click on the SPACES logo to the left for all of the details.

Veterans Appreciation Week

Young Marines participate in many activities to honor and serve our nation’s veterans.

One such activity is our participation in Veterans Week; the Young Marines honor the contributions and sacrifices of the men and women who served in the Armed Forces who have been vital in maintaining the freedoms and way of life enjoyed by the people of the United States.

During the week-long tribute, Young Marine units have the opportunity to design their own project that is most fitting in their local community. Projects might include sending thank you cards to hospitalized veterans, cleaning up a disabled veterans yard, visiting veterans in the hospital, orsimply setting up a community function to socialize with local veterans. In 2015, the Young Marines organization celebratesthe 15th annual Veterans Appreciation Week campaign.

In fact, members of the Young Marines celebrate America’s veterans all year long, reaching more than 30,000 men and women who have served in the armed forces. Besides participating in Veterans’ Appreciation Week for the past 13 years, many Young Marines attend the annual Navajo Code Talkers Day in Arizona. They also travel to Guam and Iwo Jima to observe the Reunion of Honor with veterans of those Pacific campaigns.

Red Ribbon Week

One of the primary nationwide events that Young Marines participate in is Red Ribbon Week.  Red Ribbon Week represents a national anti drug effort and awareness campaign observed annually in October throught the United States.

Red Ribbon Week began after the kidnapping, torture and murder of DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena in 1985. Camarena, a former Marine, worked against traffickers bringing illegal drugs into the United States. In his memory, citizens of his hometown of Calexico, California donned red ribbons in his honor; the red ribbon became a symbol for prevention in order to reduce the demand for illegal drugs.

 According to the Drug Enforcement Agency and the National Family Partnership, approximately 80 million people participate in Red Ribbon events every year.

Sheriff's Activities League

Sacramento Young Marines are proud to be teamed up with the Sheriff's Activities League. In fact without the support of the SAL the Sacramento Unit would not be what it is today. SAL Deputies work with the Young Marines to develop good character, teamwork, discipline and leadership through mentorship, community service, and team building. 

American River Parkway Foundation

The American River Parkway Foundation coordinates the efforts of hundreds of volunteers who contribute thousands of work hours to maintaining and improving the Parkway. The Sacramento Young Marines are proud to assist the ARPF in helping preserve and maintain this Jewel of Sacramento for current and future generations to enjoy.

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